Horseshoe Lake POA Inc. Executive 2018

President: Jim Ross
Vice-President: Don Wither
Past President: Randy Ward
Secretary: Diane Wani
Treasurer: John Dippell

Directors: Mike Hunter, Vivien Mann, George Rickard, Rob Dippell, Isabelle Heaven, Dave Muirhead

Communications:  Don Wither

Membership: Colleen Karir
Newsletter/Historian: Vivien Mann

Social Convenor:  vacant
Lake Steward (including Water Testing & Invading Species Testing): Jeff Muirhead

Safe Boating Committee:  Randy Ward
CLLS (Canada Lakes Loon Survey) Surveyor: Carol Hewitt

(Last Updated: July 2019)

H.L.P.O.A. Objectives from its Constitution
The objectives of the Horseshoe Lake Property Owners’ Association are to promote the cultural, social and environmental interests of the residents on and in the vicinity of Horseshoe Lake.  The association also studies and reports on all governmental plans affecting its members and makes such representations as are deemed desirable to the various levels of government.