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Facebook:  Horseshoe Lake (Minden) 
Welcome to the Horseshoe Lake (Minden) Facebook Group!
This group is administered by the Horseshoe Lake Property Owners Association (HLPOA).
The goal of this group is to provide a place for the property owners of Horseshoe Lake (and their extended families) to share information, stories, photos, and any other interesting items related to Horseshoe Lake. We also hope it is a place to ask questions and to have positive, educational, respectful discussions about issues on Horseshoe Lake and, more broadly, the Haliburton Highlands. Pertinent news updates regarding
This is a closed group, meaning that to join the group you must request to join, answer a few questions, and be approved by the administrators.
Facebook: Horseshoe Lake Community
Hi Horseshoe lake community!! This page is meant to be helpful and fun for all of us. The hope is to have lake related events posted here, as well as photos. And to use it as a lost and found, looking for/buy and sell type of page for Horseshoe Lakers. For example, if something floats to your beach… post a photo and maybe the owners can get it back! Or if you’re done with something and want to sell it or give it away… post it here! If you are looking to buy or borrow from the community… post it here! It will be fun to get to know people from all over the lake. Please add friends and family from Horseshoe Lake. For now I’m keeping this group open so more of the community can see it. We can close it if we feel we have lurkers etc. Please let me know questions or concerns.
Angela, Horseshoe Lake summer cottager